Within Analytics, we mainly focus on bringing added business value to our customers, by implementing strategies, processes and SAP technology related to Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Information Management. Within the BI area, we provide services related to analysis, reporting, dashboards, data discovery and, of course, mobility. Within the Data Warehousing area, we focus heavily on SAP BW, which handles all needs of ETL (extract, transform &load) and data storage/-modeling in analysis-optimized structures. Within the IM area, we mainly take pride in our knowledge in Masterdata Management, but also in our vast data quality & integration compentece. We also focus extensively on new innovative domains such as HANA (SAP’s in-memory appliance), where we are proud to say that we today are able to deliver both guidance and implementations, on both business and technology level. Colada Analytics offers market leading services and products which can be seamlessly integrated in a diverged process/-system landscape, and pave the way for new ways to improve decision making. We implement reliable structures that guarantees your company data’s validity and make sure that this data is consumed/analyzed in the right way, at the right time and by the right people.