Colada is today a Service, Channel and Hosting Partner to SAP. According to SAP, Colada has such a high competence and long experience that they feel that SAP customers can with great confidence turn to Colada to get help with implementations and operations of their SAP systems.

Colada is dedicated to the Swedish SAP user group, SAPSA. We are board members, we run focus groups, and we hold seminars about business systems.

MeOne is a company which consists of several SAP consulting agencies and which helps clients to find the right competence at the right time.

GLOOOBAL was founded 2011 and focuses 100% on SAP HANA. GLOOOBALs business idea is to help companies convert SAP HANAs groundbreaking technique to business value. GLOOOBAL and Colada work together to create values with SAP HANA for clients in the North.