"Colada is one of the suppliers for whom we have great trust when it comes to specialized SAP services in the area of Netweaver in particular. They are pragmatic and so far they have always delivered with good quality."
-Mikael Karlsson
SAP Architect

"Colada upgraded our system to ECC 6.0 and we are very satisfied with the result and the commitment that Colada’s consultants were showing. We used Solution Manager as the tool which we hadn’t used before. Now we have all documentation in one and the same place, ready for use in new test cases in connection with the future Unicode upgrade. Colada gets our continued trust, now with PI and PosDM which are currently being installed."
-Jens Gleisner
IT Manager

"Colada has provided consulting with great satisfaction during our implementation of SAP and their competent, driven and responsive consultants has been a great asset to our project and company."
-Inger Andersson
Universal Music
IT Manager